Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FINISH HIM!!!!!!!!!!

Its really starting too feel like the Mid-90’s again, and I love it. First we get the icons of gaming Publications back, as both GameFan and EGM have returned full force and better than ever, and once again much as before Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are about to go head-to-head once again. Round 1!!!! FIGHT!!!

I have to admit, I am a bit of a geek for both series, between 1991 and 1994, much of my time was shuffled between being hauled around with my High School chums Jerry and Danny, and hitting every arcade in-between New Orleans, Hammond, and Baton Rouge to display my dominance in both upon unsuspecting Arcade dwellers, and stay over at their house playing both on the sega Genesis and SNES. Good Times. But as the arcade died, both series kinda of fell of as well, that is until now where online play can now almost replicate the feel of the old arcades, and one: Street Fighter has already raised to the throne with the amazing SF4, and the other in MK is if all things go as planned soon to challenge it for that throne.

Going to be honest, the footage shown at the 2010 E3 has my mouth watering. Its for one easily the best looking of all the Mortal Kombat games, and its revisions of past stages from MK1 through MK3 so far look fucking insane. The game has a very dark, fore-boding, gritty vibe that fully captures the spirit of the MK universe, and I am happy to see that. And the fact that Ed Boon is now actively trying too implement a skill based game play system closer to the ones predominantly featured in the Evolution Tournaments, that uses a three level “super bar “ that as its powered up allows for more powerful moves, breakers and the new X-Ray moves which close in and show you damaging the opponent and breaking bones via a cut away X-ray view, meaning we may finally get an MK game that received critical acclaim and respect from that elite crowd. If nothing else, with his insistence that the new MK is now faster than past MK games and fore goes all canned combo’s for more skill based ones, at least we MK fans will get the game we want. Tag team game play is also now being implemented ala King of The Fighter. Hopefully the online play can keep up with this, and we see lag free fast paced online matches.

As for the coup de grace, the Fatalities, so far so good. All that have been shown so far are reimaginings of past fatalities with most so far coming from MK2, which featured the best. The biggest news here is that one, they are fucking insanely brutal looking, and take gore too a new level because all the characters now feature a fully modeled skeletal and organ system that plays a part in both game play with the new X-Ray mode as well as in how the blood flies and spills from opponents in a more realistic fashion. If you hit a character with a spinning move the blood will fly out in a curved pattern making fights more realistic looking. And as stated, this component is also used in fatalities, so organs and blood will ooze out in a highly realistic and perhaps fashion. Bwaaa, Good fucking stuff. Hopefully Boon is also designing plenty of new ones that also use this engine, and not all fatalities are retreads of past ones.

So if all goes well, by the end of March we can potentially add MK too the latest batch of fighters that sees a rebirth like with SF4. I for one am eagerly awaiting this game, and will see you online on PSN in March, when I’ll be ripping off heads left and right.

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